favourites list:pearly-dew drops’ drops

The weekend was hot. London was sweltering and on Sunday afternoon it became so unbearable being outside in the heat that we crashed infront of the tv watching Breaking Bad drinking cold drinks and feasting on ice cream. We’ve gone from one extreme to the next this summer.

This post is not food orientated but more brainstorming ideas and looking at places and spaces in London for inspiration. Recently I stumbled across Pitfield London when I had 10 minutes to kill in Old Street. This is a beautiful interiors shop situated on Pitfield Street which also has a lovely cafe. The layout of the shop gave me lots of ideas for presentation and branding. Unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.

Moving on from there I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled and ears open searching for inspiration wherever possible to help develop ideas for Biscocho and future XETH Creative Arts projects. Here is a list of favourites for this month so far…

Elizabeth Fraser live at Southbank as part of Meltdown . I was particularly excited when she performed Pearly-Dew Drops’ Drops during the first encore ( there were two!) and loved her cover of Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren.

Polly Morgan‘s exhibition at All Visual Arts last month was so beautiful and moving. So much life could be seen despite the room being filled with death.

-I finally made it over to Wilton’s Music Hall for a friend’s birthday drinks last week. What a stunning building. This is a great place to go for a drink and you can also have a guided tour of the venue’s hidden stage.

-I’m currently reading Season to Taste by Molly Birnbaum ( and The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk) which is very well written. Being a massive foodie her book has made me feel quite emotional as she talks about her loss of smell and taste after she was hit by a car in 2005. It is a fascinating read though as Molly researches anosmia and tries to overcome her condition.

– I would really like to try the Lardo restaurant in September when I get back from holiday and also Honey & Co. Both menus sound delicious and the interiors and presentation will be interesting to see.

– I really wish I could make it over to see the opening of Essex. Molly Wizenberg‘s writing always inspires me and I would love to sample food in their restaurants. If only it wasn’t a plane ride away.

-My mum and dad have just moved to France to run a B&B for a year in Lauzun (photos and website to be posted shortly). It’s a big change; exciting and scary at the same time. At the end of the month I’ll be flying over for 5 days to see their new home and then travel to Paris for a day before returning home. It’s the first time I’ll be travelling somewhere on my own. Only a day but still quite excited to cram in all the sites and munch on as many delicious treats as possible before hopping on the Eurostar back to King’s X.







mix & match

A friend put together this montage; a selection of shots from Biscocho’s first supper club. I love it. It pretty much sums up the whole evening and Biscocho’s ethos; muchos food and constant chatter.

As our ideas develop and we make up our minds where we want to go with Biscocho, I’ve been trying to get as much work experience as possible within the food industry. Over the last month I have been lucky enough to work on French & Grace’s food stall at London Zoo Lateand Exhibition Road 2012 festival. They are an amazing team producing delcious chorizo and halloumi wraps with butter bean humous, carrot and beet salad topped with harrisa yoghurt. Sampling their food was one of the highlights of working with them aswell as dealing with lots of customers and exploring other people’s stands to see what they had to offer to the public. Working on a stall is hard work but it was worth it  because I learnt how things are run and what a commitment it is.


I tend to avoid putting personal shots onto blogs but this one was a keeper. Team Biscocho! I’ve been pretty slack with writing on here. A lot has happened in the past month personally which has been a lot to take in and the next few months are going to be a little on the mad side but hopefully everything will fall into place.

I did think it was important however to include a recent trip to Mount Snowdon though. Ten of us drove down last weekend for a friend’s birthday. We stayed in Lake View Hotel for three nights. I struggled with eating a full fry up each morning but it was definitely needed with the amount of walking that was done. It took us a total of six hours to climb the stunning Snowdon which was pretty good considering there was a large group of us all moving at various different paces. Anyway Ricky took some beautiful photos – including the one above which is a favourite of myself and partner in crime – which can be seen on his Flickr page and below are some shots off my iphone. Enjoy.

favourites:ieri è stata una bella giornata

This is one of my favourite shots from Biscocho‘s first supper club. Ricky Thakrar took some really beautiful photos of our food and I feel very grateful. We – Pop and I- are lucky to have such supportive friends who have been so enthusiastic about all our ideas and ambitions.

Our next supper club is on 15 July and hopefully it will be equally as successful as the last. This time we’re going to put together a questionnaire to get feedback which will hopefully help us learn where our strengths lie and what areas we need to work on before we start sending samples out to food markets in London.

I have no new recipes to post on here at this stage so instead I’m scribbling down a favourites list. Note: Italy has been on the brain over the past month. I had a feeling they were going to win the Eurocup so was surprised to see them lose 4-0 against Spain. Football is not (yet) on my favourites list but watching the final game in a crowded Shoreditch bar listening to shouts in italian and spanish was amazing.

Biscocho Delights blog

Take Me Home by Perfume Genius who is performing at the Union Chapel, London on 06 September

– Hoping to visit the David Bailey exhibition on in Newham, London ( 6 July – 5 August 2012), Polly Morgan’s Endless Plains exhibition at All Visual Arts ( 8 June – 31 July) and Grayson Perry’s The Vanity of Small Differences at Victoria Miro (7 June – 11 August)

– The interior of Meat Liquor by Shed and I Love Dust

– Cat Power’s latest single Ruins. Her new album is out on 04 September

Alt J‘s music video for the track Breezeblocks. I was introduced to this band at BUG‘s last music night at BFI. Aswell as Die Antwoord‘s video for their track Baby’s on Fire, one of the wierdest music videos I’ve seen in a while.

Breakfast Club‘s French toast with baked cinnamon apples.

Amici Miei‘s Deliziosa pizza with mozarella, aubergine, courgette, mushrooms, shaved parmesan and parma ham

Pub on the Park‘s beer garden. They do a good jug of Pimm’s and really delicious salads

– Black Pudding at Market House on Broadway Market, Londonfields

biscocho delights

Biscocho Delights is finally set up and shortly our first event will be posted on there so keep your eyes peeled. Poppy and I are both very excited with how things are progressing. This weekend we are buckling down and doing our hygiene certificates then we can start planning more projects and hopefully have a regular food stall before the end of the year at a South London market.

Biscocho held its first official Supper Club on 19 June. 14 of us crowded into my living room. Fortunately we both prepared a few of our main dishes a day in advance and then had two hours to sort everything else out after work that evening before our lovely guests arrived.

To say we were under pressure is an understatement however everything went really well. The only area we struggled with was hummus surprisingly. Our quantities ended up all wrong but somehow we managed to rescue it fortunately (with a little help from our friends).

I don’t want to post lots of photos from the evening here because they will soon be up on our new site but here’s a sneaky preview. Hope you enjoy

sweeter than sugar, cuter than pie

Norwich is a beautiful city. There were two highlights for me when we went end of last month – Norwich Cathedral ( damn my iphone for running out of battery as soon as we got there) and Biddy’s Tea Room down one of the city’s eclectic lanes. “If you like tea, if you like cake and you want to have a unique dining experience” then this is the best place in Norwich. The two of us shared a pot of Lady Grey tea and scones – lavender and fruit. It was pretty scrummy and I wish we could transport this treasure trove to London.

you had me at hello

The title doesn’t have a lot to do with this post. It’s the name of a new Mystery Jets track and made me think of that feeling you have when you first meet someone and the world stops. In a way it connects with a recent trip. A friend and I drove to Norfolk and it was such a wake up call. So nice to be out of the buzzing city of London and be by the sea with no distractions (aside from little flies determined to crawl up my legs whilst sunbathing), no nonsense and peace.

It was the first time both of us visited the beach opposite Holkham Hall and Estate, Norfolk. Meant to be one of the best beaches in England we soaked up the sun enjoying the quiet. Silly not to have brought a swimsuit but it’s still a little on the cold side to get in. Toes managed it though and we collected some beautiful shells to take home with us.

I’m quite impressed with the camera on my iphone relying more and more on it now which isn’t great as it means the little Canon comes out less and less. Instagram is becoming as addictive as Facebook I imagine. Fun to play around with photos though.

A post on places to eat in Norfolk soon to follow.

DIFTK 2012


On Sunday 20 May 2012 XETH Creative Arts held its second charity gig raising money for Kids Company. This year we held it at The Lexington, Angel and it went better than I possibly could have hoped for. It was a great turn out for a Sunday night and it was overwhelming how much support we had from our audience as well as everyone who was involved with organising this event. We had four fantastic live acts –

Natalie Mitchell, a young mother supported by Kids Co


Liz Lawrence


On top of that we held a raffle with contributions from Domino Records, Young & Lost Club and international beatboxer Shlomo as well as a bake sale with all produce from Biscocho. Everything but one cup cake was sold. I was quite glad as it meant I got to test one at the end of the night.

Here are a selection of beautiful shots from the very talented photographer Shannon Mills. More to follow shortly.





the wild food kitchen @ the arthaus

I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work at Jimmy Garcia’s The Wild Food Kitchen last night at The Arthaus. An amazing menu was served to 60 guests in a beautiful space near London Fields. This pop up restaurant will be open tonight and tomorrow. Here’s a selection of photos from the evening.

On another note this bit of bling below was recently bought as Biscocho‘s new form of tranport for baking goods to this Sunday’s charity gig Doing it For The Kids 2012. If you haven’t bought tickets yet and would like to come along please click on this link. Hope to see you there.

a trip to the end of the world

On Friday I set off at 08:20 from London Waterloo to Falmouth Town with three girlfriends. After 8 hours of snacking, chatting, snoozing, playing cards and backgammon we finally reached Cornwall. Following on from this mammoth train journey we had a break and sat in a local pub before squeezing into a taxi and reaching our final destination around 17:30. It was well worth the trip.

21 girls stayed in an 8 bedroom house on a beautiful estuary just outside of Falmouth. The first night there we had a hog roast from Spitting Pig who had travelled down to the end of the world from Surrey. The pork was served with homemade apple sauce, stuffing and potato salad made by the bridesmaids. The crackling was amazing, really salty and crispy. There was enough meat to feed 50 people so it lasted us the rest of the weekend.

The following morning, after feasting on bacon and avocado sandwiches we went for a walk around the estuary. We passed lots of bluebells, walked through plenty of fields and hit some muddy patches. Wellie boots would have been a sensible thing to pack.

When we got back to the house we had a picnic with Pimms, beetroot hummus ( really want to make this), tomato and mozarella salad.

In the evening a table was set up for all of us. We each had napkins wrapped with feathers, raffia and a name tag. There were lots of wild flowers placed in an assortment of glass jars with tea lights and rose petal scattered all over the tablecloth. One of the bridesmaids is a photographer and had brought a polaroid down for the weekend. Lots of tiny snapshots lined one wall on a string with tiny heart hooks.

Alot of food and drink was consumed. We started with prawn cocktail, followed on by Baked Camembert with garlic and rosemary. Had a breather whilst speeches were made. Then on to Smoked salmon with dill and lemon, pulled pork with onion chutney, gerkins and chilli jam then ended with beetroot brownies.

On Sunday we had to check out early and our train wasn’t until 17:30 so we spent the day in Falmouth Town eating calamari and icecream, buying souvenirs ( lots of good fudge and shortbread down this end of the world) and soaking up the sun. We were really lucky to have amazing weather the whole time we were there and now back in London it is grey and rainy again. Fingers crossed the sun comes out again in 3 weeks time for the big day!

On another note a friend recently sent me a link to this blog which is really nice. It makes you appreciate the little things in life.