An ice cream shaped microphone was one of the many funny things to be seen over the bank holiday weekend up in Edinburgh. Four of us travelled on the 06:05 London Euston train to Glasgow on Saturday. The journey took five hours and we semi slept most of the way and munched on almond cake Matt had brought back from Portugal.

Once we got there we met up with friends of mine and had breakfast in a lovely cafe called Fifi and Ally. I should have taken more photos of Glasgow but as we were there for only a couple of hours and half asleep it was a little tricky.

The next step was a forty five minute train to Edinburgh from Glasgow Queen Street station (this chap above sat opposite us) and finally we reached our destination; Castle Rock Hostel. It was nice to finally crash and leave our bags in the double bunk room before heading out to explore the city and experience Edinburgh Festival Fringe which is what we came up for.

Black Medicine is a lovely coffee shop situated close to Pleasance which is where we saw most of the comedy acts we paid for over the weekend. I had a hot chocolate whilst we read through our fringe magazine circling comedy acts we wanted to see. Fortunately we bought tickets for WitTank, Rob Beckett and Rhys Darby before they sold out. All three acts were very funny.

I tried to get a close up of Rhys Darby but it was difficult as our seats were quite high up and he moves around a lot on stage. His comedy sketch got 3 stars in one of the magazines which was surprising as he had the whole audience laughing throughout the hour long set.

The City Cafe is a great place for all day breakfasts. We ended up going twice and both times had the veggie breakfast which included vegetarian haggis (yum!). They do a great stack of pancakes with maple syrup also and free refills of coffee and tea.

We saw quite a lot of free comedy performances at The Free Sisters which is a huge venue. One of their spaces was a yurt, small but intimate, and the guy above had travelled over from Australia and performed 24 nights in Edinburgh.

One of the funniest acts we saw was comedy partners Helen Arney and Rob Wells aka Domestic Science. They performed a DIY science party with specials guests at Canons Gait on the Royal Mile.

On Sunday night we watched a burlesque performance in a church before moving onto an eerie pub called Jekyll & Hyde for some cabaret which was really good. Their show included knife throwing, juggling, people on shoulders on top of a man on a one wheel bicycle and finally a medley of Abba, Spice Girls and Rocky Horror Show tracks.

We were very lucky to have sunshine most of Sunday and then the heavens opened on Monday before we made our way home. Before leaving the city we managed to get a few great shots of the four of us in these funny mirrors near Edinburgh Castle.