I think it makes sense for the next two blogs to explore the east and the west. Our hotel was on the Pest side and walking distance from most of the main tourist attractions. The above photo was taken on our walk to Heroes Square. What appears to be an abandoned train station, I still haven’t found out the name or what will happen to this area over the next few years. Heroes Square is well worth the walk.  Once again we felt like ants as there was hardly anyone around and here we were standing in this huge open area admiring these towering sculptures and the stunning architecture of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Kunsthalle . Unfortunatelty the later was closed but we had a 50 minute tour of the museum which houses an incredible collection of art work. Again the interior was breathtaking with so many different rooms to explore. You could easily spend a whole day here.

Just behind Heroes Square is a very large park where you can find the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens and a castle amongst other historic buildings. At this time of year it felt quite eerie walking around here because it was so quiet. We then walked South heading towards a cafe which had been recommended in my guidebook. On the way we stopped off in a small restaurant attached to a pub. The interior was very simple and we again were the only people eating in there but the food was tasty and warming; soup with dumplings. The dumplings weren’t quite what we expected but they were surprisingly good. I bought a bag in the Lehel Ter to bring home with me and try out one evening hopefully with a fish goulash recipe.

After much walking we finally reached the New York Kávéház. With a Neo-Baroque interior we couldn’t believe our eyes. I don’t think you are allowed to take photos inside but we tried to subtly get a few shots hiding the camera behind my bag. As you can see the decoration on the ceilings are exquisite and there is a lot of gold. We ended our day here enjoying the Chocolate Cheesecake on the menu, mouthfuls of heaven. A deliciously rich chocolate sponge with caramelized cherries, fresh apricot and strawberry drizzled with chocolate syrup.